Mailbox 41B
San Miguel Solutions. Ancha de San Antonio #13. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México. 37750 (Inside the bodega of Mercado Sano). 

Gina Giampaoli, Executive Secretary
Contact: 415-121-0010
(Emergency only)  415-114-0290

WHO WE ARE: A non-profit legally registered Mexican asociacion civil providing a prepaid plan of cremation and burial services that fully comply with Mexican law.

WHAT WE DO:  Upon the death of a member, a phone call to the Executive Secretary initiates the process to carry out the wishes of the member as set forth in their Membership Application. The process includes disposition of the body according to the member’s wishes, contacting family and friends, assistance in arranging funeral or services as requested, registering death with the Mexican authorities and supplying a Mexican death certificate to appropriate survivor.  (The 24 Hour Assn. is the ONLY entity which can register the death and supply the Mexican death certificate WITHOUT the involvement of the deceased’s family.  No funeral home can do this.)

WHAT TYPE OF SERVICES WE OFFER:  Two basic services are offered:  cremation and burial. Cremation with or without a niche.  burial in a crypt or a grave. All services which include the Panteon, will receive perpetual care.  We are the only cemetery offering this service for free. Any services performed outside of San Miguel or any extra services requested or required to fulfill the member’s wishes,  will incur an additional cost which will be charged to the member’s estate.

WHAT DOES IT COST?  Membership fees are quoted in US dollars and may be paid by US dollar check, Canadian check, peso check or in cash.

All checks must be made out to:  24 Horas de San Miguel de Allende, A.C.


- Cremation with ashes in an urn:
Delivered locally                       $   1,000 USD
Interred in niche with plaque  $1,800 USD

- Burial:
In a crypt with a plaque:        $2,200 USD
In ground with headstone:     $2,500 USD

MEMBERSHIP:  Open to all foreign residents of San Miguel de Allende.  Membership fees, minus an administrative fee and a possible adjustment for peso exchange rate, are refundable upon request. 

Membership requires completion of the 24 Hour Application, payment of the desired service, and a photocopy of the front two pages of your passport.