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Make sure you have a relationship with a doctor
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What exactly takes place after a death
of an Associate in San Miguel de Allende?
Consider the below an informal conversation,  especially  if  the Associate  is  a  US  citizen.  Obviously none of this is to be considered legal advice.  If you would want to clarify or add something based on your experiences,  please  contact Linda  Cooper,  our  Executive Secretary. The below assumes you are a member of the 24 Hour Association of San Miguel de Allende. However, those who are about to apply and have not yet filled out their Application,  can get a sense of some procedure that could be helpful.
The person that discovers the body telephones our Executive Secretary at 415-185-2023 or 044-415-114-0290, the latter being a  cell phone with 24/7 service. The caller identifies  X as an associate of the 24 Hour Association and X has died at (address y) and my phone is Z.  If the emergency number is not answered, call 415-185-2023.  In case of failure to contact ANY of the above, the Funeral Director  in San Miguel de Allende we use is Lopez Brothers Funeral home (415) 152-0208.  This is both their business and home phone number which they answer 24/7. They speak some English.  If a US citizen, you could also call the local Consular Agent, Edward K. Clancy at (044) 415 113-9574.

The Executive Secretary, after acquiring the name of the attending doctor, calls the Funeral Director.   After the Funeral Director acquires the necessary document from the doctor, the Executive Secretary and the Funeral Director go to the Civil Registry where they register the death and receive a legal Mexican Death  Certificate. 
Since we have your Application papers, you will have told us the next of kin to telephone, which we will promptly do, and follow your wishes stated in your Application, such as notifying your Executor, etc. If you are a US citizen and your passport is available, the Executive Secretary will legally report the death to  the US Consular Agent in San Miguel de Allende.
This report is then forwarded to the US Embassy in Mexico City.  

ANY POWERS OF ATTORNEY  become legally invalid upon death. Your next of kin is now the only legally valid person to appoint your neighbor, a friend, the Executor, or  himself/herself to direct the sealing of your house.  The US Embassy cannot legally seal the house.

If you are a US citizen, your next-of-kin or legal representative will receive free of charge from the US Embassy in Mexico City, many copies of a "REPORT OF DEATH OF A U.S. CITIZEN ABROAD," which is less of a hassle to settle estate matters in the US. That "REPORT OF DEATH OF A U.S. CITIZEN ABROAD" is more acceptable in this regard than a Mexican Death Certificate.

If you have included a draft of what you would like in an obituary, and have included one with your application [along with a photograph, if you chose to do so] we will give it to your survivor. We are not responsible for publication.

The 24 Hour Association To Be Or Not To Be....Prepared
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Board of Directors
The 24 Hour Association
of San Miguel de Allende,  A.C.

President: Vadna Sue Gearhart 
Vice President: Patricia Ann Frey
Exec. Secretary: Gina Giampaoli
Treasurer: Marthe Specht Fraser


Judith Ann Chaiken 

Willa Sue Kligerman 

Steven Michael Moe

Mark William Putnam

Lisa Rall

Diana Joyce Ekizian