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Our Board of Directors

President: Mark W. Putnam
Vice President: Patricia “Pat” Frey
Executive Secretary: Gina Giampaoli
Treasurer: Marthe Specht Fraser
Diana Ekizian
Vadna Sue Gearhart
Susan Koen
Steven Moe
Willa Kligerman Moe
Lisa Rall

Our History

The 24-Hour Association was formed in 1965 by a committee of year-round San Miguel de Allende residents. Initially, members were interred in the general cemetery with local residents. In 1973, the city expanded the cemetery and granted the 24-Hour Association approximately 1,000 square meters of land for its own plot. In turn, we paid $30,000 pesos for improvements, including the brick wall encompassing the entire expansion.

At the same time, Stirling Dickinson and Florence Howard created the original plan for the 24-Hour Association plot. The Board determined that, “The 24-Hour plot shall conform to a general overall plan, rather than specific and individual.”

The 24-Hour Association became a Mexican nonprofit organization in 1999. Also that year, a comprehensive plot renovation was begun and today, the expat and Mexican communities enjoy our quiet oasis.